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Advanced Mindset

Advanced Mindset provides sport psychology and mental skills training to youth, amateur, and professional athletes in the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale area.

Dr. John Gassaway

Advanced Mindset was initially established and developed through mutually beneficial interactions between Dr. Gassaway and a range of athletes, multiple coaches, several clubs, and parents. It became apparent that the skills presented by Dr. Gassaway could be applied broadly and enhance the performances of all who invested time in themselves using the tools provided. 

Up Your Game

Take your first step towards achieving your goals and becoming the athlete you were born to be.

Meet the Team


Dr. John Gassaway

Sport Psychologist

  • Extensive work with athletes of all levels- professional, collegiate, amateur, and youth.
  • Experience with elite special forces in the United States Air Force
  • Over 15 years experience working with individuals, clubs, and teams.
  • Life long passion for Soccer and physical fitness
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology with a Concentration in Sport Exercise Sciences.
Kenzie Gassaway

Kenzie R. Gassaway

Mental Training Coach

  • Over 10 years experience using mental skills training to help athletes overcome fears, attain personal goals, and enjoy their sport.
  • Specialization in communication between administrators, coaches, athletes, and parents.
  • 20+ years experience with the sports of gymnastics and diving
  • Masters in Mental Health Counseling
  • Masters in Sport Psychology