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Services for Athletes

Athletes use sport psychology to help refine, hone, and master their skills.

Sport Psychology for Athletes

Mental Skills

Sport psychologists help athletes perform at their utmost, enjoy their sport, and overcome obstacles.

Individual Sessions

Meeting one-on-one with an advanced mindset consultant allows the focus to remain individual and targeted at your particular needs, setting you up for peak performance and hurdling obstacles with ease.

Group Sessions

Sometimes it is beneficial to work with other athletes facing similar issues and struggles. The awareness that you are not alone and the insight from multiple perspective can, at times, generate creative and powerful techniques.

Online Sessions

Online sessions can be purchased and used with Skype or Google+ for audio/visual sessions or per phone audio sessions. Please contact Advanced Mindset for scheduling once the purchase is complete.
$125 for 50 minutes

Up Your Game

Take your first step towards achieving your goals and becoming the athlete you were born to be.