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Workshops are great for individuals, teams, groups, parents, agents, athletes, and students. Advanced Mindset workshops range in topics and audience but deliver in quality and quantity.

  • Women's Competitive Gymnastics Series
  • Starting Your Season Strong
  • Consistency
  • Confidence
  • Peak Performance
  • Coaches' Series (All Sports, Age 16+)
  • Gymnastics & Life: Finding Balance (Age 10+)
  • Mental Toughness (All sports)


  • Parenting an Athlete (Age 16+)
  • Overcoming Anxiety/Fear in the Gym (Age 10+)
  • Reaching Your Goals (All Sports)
  • Communication (Age 16+)
  • Sound Sleep (Age 16+)
  • Return from Injury (Age 16+)
  • Living an Enriched Life (Adults)
  • How to take a Vacation Mentally (Adults)


Upcoming Workshops

There are no upcoming events at this time.


Workshops targeting psychological skills that can be applied to life, health, well-being, and personal development are termed psycho-educational. Such workshops are beneficial for athletes and their support alike.

Sport Psych

Sport Psychology targets specific skills and teaches valuable tools to help athletes apply themselves to reach and sustain peak performance. Overcoming fear, injury, a losing streak, and various struggles are some other advantages of this training. 

Up Your Game

Take your first step towards achieving your goals and becoming the athlete you were born to be.