Advanced Mindset offers some of the most cutting edge services to meet virtually any of your needs.

For Athletes

Athletes use sport psychology to help refine, hone, and master their skills. Individuals can focus on their own needs and establish the best program for their needs.

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For Teams

Build your legacy as a team.

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Advanced Mindset Workshops provide the best platform for individuals, parts of teams, entire teams, parents, coaches, agents, and athletes to learn and implement tools and skills necessary to reach peak performance.

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For Parents

Parents are the greatest champions of their athletes. Advanced Mindset helps you be the best parent and advocate for athlete you can be. 

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For Coaches

Make practices count. Keep your focus on coaching and let Advanced Mindset take care of the rest.

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Speaking Engagements

Invite Advanced Mindset to come to you and provide the necessary education and tools to fit your needs.

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“As a professional fighter, the jargon of Sport Psychology was a little hard for me to swallow. The necessity of working on my mental game was evident nonetheless and when Dr. Gassaway started Skyping with me on practical applications of mental exercises, I immediately recognized their worth. Mental training has become a primary piece of my regular practice and striving toward improvement.  It's made me a different, better, happier fighter.”

— Professional Muay Thai Fighter


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