Services for Teams

Bring the Team together; align everyone's efforts and energies to better accomplish Team goals and dreams.

Sport Psychology for Teams

Skills Developed

How we can help:

Team Building Intensive

A one-time 3hr program tailored to your team's needs.

Team Building - 3, 6, or 12 Week Options

We offer 1hr sessions with a focus on educating and implementing mental skills necessary to achieve peak performance, confidence, and team cohesion.  With ongoing contact and interaction with the team, Advanced Mindset can develop strategies, education, and skills to enhance the team performance and better achieve goals.

Team Building - Competition Preparation

This 90min session focuses on confidence, relaxation, and imagery in preparation for a specific event. Advanced Mindset strongly encourages the Multi-Week Team Building program prior to implementing Competition Preparation Intensive.

Up Your Game

Take your first step towards achieving your goals and becoming the athlete you were born to be.