Services for Parents

Working together with a sport psychologist can ease your mind about your role and encouragements.


Areas of Help

Individual Sessions

Work one-on-one with a member of Advanced Mindset to address specific needs and areas that can improve. Help your athlete and yourself to implement the best tools and strategies to realize your optimal performance and relationship.


Advanced Mindset will offer workshops for several areas tailored for parents. If your needs do not seem to be addressed in the workshops offered and several other parents happen to be working on similar issues, a group session can be provided to address your shared need(s).

Parent-Coach Conferences

Sometimes it is in the best interest of parents, coaches, and athletes to come together and discuss roles, communication, goals, and other issues. Advanced Mindset can help everyone get on the same page and ultimately work towards the peak performance of all involved.



“My daughter went through some major fear issues this year. Dr. Gassaway really helped her overcome her fears and boost her confidence! She is back better than ever!

— Gymnast's Parent

Up Your Game

Take your first step towards achieving your goals and becoming the athlete you were born to be.