Coping with COVID

There are a lot of things that have changed as a result of the pandemic and coping with COVID has become something that we all need to face. Depending on which sources you used to gather information, the onset of the pandemic may have felt like it was ignored and gradual, hidden and then suddenly everywhere, or anything in-between. Regardless of how the information got to you, it is difficult to imagine a part of our lives that hasn’t been impacted. Athletes, students, parents, and all of us can benefit from looking at some good strategies for coping with stress and exploration of additional hobbies and entertainment to help us with these.

The challenges presented by COVID are many. One of the more prominent difficulties is the isolation from others. Making your residence a place that is comfortable and meeting your needs may seem like an oversite when you can just leave. These days, however, it may be time to start looking at options to reinforce what makes your residence yours. Putting up art, looking for the right lighting, or just looking up the definition of Feng Shui might help to encourage some changes that help the day-to-day.

As social animals, remaining in contact and socializing is paramount to our well-being. As easy and convenient as on-line vehicles for communication are, they may leave some of us wanting to interact with someone who isn’t on a screen. Audio/video options can give us more communication than a simple phone call but the focus and attention desired may be lacking because of the convenience of it all. Old fashioned correspondence with letters and cards may seem to take an eternity but the excitement of getting something other than advertisements and bills in the mail cannot be overlooked. Additionally, having something handwritten or created can really help with the feeling of intimacy that may be absent with technology.

Searching your values and interests to find hobbies (or unburying them from the past) can also prove very engaging. Picking up an instrument or another language takes considerable time and patience – that may be just the recipe for the coming months. Return to childhood and work on crafts, art, and coloring in order to explore these activities with new eyes and a fresh appreciation for a finished product. Regardless of which options you choose to engage, they will inevitably be something that drives change and supports stress reduction. Dealing with COVID is a given; the ability to adapt is a choice.

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