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Olympic Preparation Series: Trust Yourself

By John Gassaway, PsyD | May 6, 2020

Trust what has allowed you to succeed in training, competition, and life. Relying on yourself and remaining true to yourself will result in consistency in performance.

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Olympic Preparation Series: Athletes’ Routines

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Apr 2, 2020

Athletes who can sustain a routine even at the top of all competition will remain consistent, confident, and prepared.

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Olympic Rings

Olympic Preparation Series: Coaches’ Corner

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Mar 4, 2020

Athlete’s can read the attitude and approach of their coaches. Coaches can stick to their success and remain true to their methods even on the biggest stage.

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Automatic Mental Skills

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Feb 20, 2020

Practicing mental skills consistently will make them more effective and automatic.

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The Slow Learner’s Advantage

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Jan 8, 2020

Slow learners can solidify foundations and breakthrough plateaus as a result of their dedicated efforts.

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Managing Fear of Reinjury

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Sep 12, 2019

Almost every athlete, at some time in their career, will face the fear of reinjury after initiating a return from injury. Injury is difficult to manage in the first place:…

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Judging Yourself During Disappointments

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Aug 9, 2019

Judging yourself is almost constant. We might do it every time we look in the mirror: judging and analyzing ourselves, asking if we have done what we set out to…

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How Do You Rewire Your Brain for Optimization

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Jun 9, 2019

We are constantly having thoughts and pondering throughout every hour of every day, and with all of this chatter, we need to ask “how do you rewire your brain for…

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New Wonder Treatment

By John Gassaway, PsyD | May 9, 2019

There is a new “wonder” treatment for many life stressors (including psychological distress/disorders) evolving that appears to break through some of the more unfortunate side effects seen with many of…

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