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Self Talk: The Way We Interpret Reality

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Nov 29, 2017

Simply observing our environment and the stimuli in it would appear to show us reality, pure and simple; what we tell ourselves (self-talk) about what we observe, however, is the…

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The Power of Imagery

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Oct 29, 2017

Using your mind to enhance your performance, return from injury, learn new skills, and motivate efforts towards goals are just some of the advantages that can be realized through the…

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Facing Fear (part 3)

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Aug 1, 2017

Facing your fears can be very difficult, but not doing so may result in many missed opportunities, self-doubt, avoidance, and low self-esteem. Fear produces hot sweats, clammy hands, muscle tension,…

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Returning to Performance after Injury

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Jul 5, 2017

It is almost inevitable that performance in sports and exercise will, at some point, result in a struggle to return to performance after an injury. The extent of the injury,…

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Finding the Right Kind of Motivation

By John Gassaway, PsyD | May 15, 2017

When it comes to drive, sustained efforts, consistency, and maximizing potential, finding the right kind of motivation is essential. Motivation can be broken into two primary categories: internal and external…

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Facing Fear (part 2)

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Apr 5, 2017

When facing fear and developing a plan to overcome some difficulty, it is important to use progressions. Setting a plan in motion that allows you to gradually increase the exposure…

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Performance Demands

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Mar 23, 2017

Athletes face performance demands in many contexts; regardless of emotional state, feeling ill, or daily stressors, an athlete’s performance is supposed to remain unaffected. However, some performance demands can be…

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Overcoming Fear (part 1)

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Feb 14, 2017

Many athletes will have to face fear as a result of increasing levels of competition, returning to sport after injury, personal challenges, disagreements with coaches, and not living up to…

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Communication with Coaches

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Jan 12, 2017

Communication is one of the most important aspects of learning and coaching, and therefore communicating with your coach is an essential part of enhancing your performance. Coaches should be respected,…

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