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By John Gassaway, PsyD | Feb 14, 2016

Awareness is the first step in understanding our own performance. It lets us know our strengths, our weaknesses, our areas of growth, our goals, and virtually every aspect of performance.…

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Learning from Mistakes (Guaranteed Success)

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Jan 20, 2016

Success can be defined as many different things. If we pay attention to the outcome of an event (score, salary, return on investment, surplus, etc.), we can define success compared…

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Advanced Mindset - Breaking Barriers in Sports Performance

Mental Skills and Physical Skills

By RadiateWP | Dec 14, 2015

Physical Skills are needed for sport and they are not necessarily given to you by your coaches. A coach will not give you strength, agility, endurance, stamina, flexibility, etc. Coaches…

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When is it time to work with a sport psychologist?

By RadiateWP | Dec 1, 2015

A sport psychologist is a specialist and, in some cases, a doctor. Athletes should use a sport psychologist as such. When we have a common cold we usually all respond…

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Learning to Walk

By RadiateWP | Nov 15, 2015

Sometimes it can seem intimidating or confusing to think about working with a sport psychologist. There is also the question of what a sport psychologist can do to help you. A majority…

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