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Becoming “Free”

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Jan 3, 2019

The topic of this post is the process of becoming “free.” Not in the sense of living in a country where we talk about our personal freedoms and what it means to have freedom of speech and such. Being truly free is when you are at peace with yourself (mind, body, soul) and everything else…

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Commitment to Excellence

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Dec 1, 2018

When athletes and performers engage in a mental skills process to help them work on themselves and their mind game of sport or event they are making a commitment to excellence. One of the more important and essential elements is that the commitment to actually doing the things required to coach the mind is not…

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Utilizing Self-talk

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Aug 22, 2018

There are many aspects of self-talk that can be utilized in sport performance. as previously mentioned, we can direct our attention and focus using cue-words (like “quick feet” or “square hips”) that support technique and skill. We can also talk ourselves through a routine in our heads and identify the process and procedure to keep…

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Believing Your Internal Thoughts

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Jun 22, 2018

Self-talk is a well-known psychological skill that can be used to enhance performance, but only if you believe what your internal thoughts are saying. Of course, the type of self-talk employed makes a big difference in belief. For instance, belief isn’t necessarily part of the picture when using internal cue-words to direct attention and focus,…

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Return from Set-Backs

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Jan 29, 2018

Returning from set-backs can be a frustrating process. To put it in familiar, frustrated experiences: the pain and discomfort of biting the inside of our cheek or lip. Inevitably this leaves a small bruise with some swelling. Well, when we have a small swelling in a place our teeth are accustomed to having none, we…

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Why Athletes are Good at Life

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Dec 29, 2017

Participating in a sport, training your mind and your body, and challenging yourself will make you an athlete, and doing these things will make you good at life. When we participate in a sport (individual or team) we start to understand how rules apply to us and those around us. We can identify goals and…

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Self Talk: The Way We Interpret Reality

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Nov 29, 2017

Simply observing our environment and the stimuli in it would appear to show us reality, pure and simple; what we tell ourselves (self-talk) about what we observe, however, is the way we interpret reality. When things in our lives and our environments don’t go according to our plan we all experience stress. While we may…

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The Power of Imagery

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Oct 29, 2017

Using your mind to enhance your performance, return from injury, learn new skills, and motivate efforts towards goals are just some of the advantages that can be realized through the power of imagery. Imagery is the process of creating or recreating experiences in the mind using all of the senses. Since imagery is an internal…

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Facing Fear (part 3)

By John Gassaway, PsyD | Aug 1, 2017

Facing your fears can be very difficult, but not doing so may result in many missed opportunities, self-doubt, avoidance, and low self-esteem. Fear produces hot sweats, clammy hands, muscle tension, tightness in the throat/chest, difficulty breathing or increased respiration, fidgetiness, and shakiness. With these symptoms it can be very difficult to concentrate and focus on…

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